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NEBOSH does have an Enquiry About Results policy. This allows students who are unhappy with the mark achieved to request for their assessment to be remarked. There are two types available:

Enquiry Type 1: clerical check

This is a clerical check to ensure all parts of the script(s)/practical assessment/assignment/project have been marked and that marks have been totalled correctly.  

Enquiry Type 2: re-mark

This is a re-mark of the script by a different examiner, who is a higher level than the original examiner. This type of enquiry does not include a clerical check.

All Enquiry about Results (EAR) requests should be made directly to NEBOSH within one month of the results issue date. Full payment must be made before the EAR request can be processed.

If as a result of the EAR, a student has their unit result changed from a refer to a pass or has their qualification grade revised upwards, the revised result will be issued and the EAR fee and any relevant re-registration fee already paid (where the student hasn't already sat the examination), will be reimbursed in full. 

If the outcome requires the reissue of a Unit Certificate and/or Parchment, this will be done free of charge. 

Please see our Enquiries About Results policy for more information.



NEBOSH sends Award and Certificate Level  certificates and parchments by recorded delivery in the UK and by trackable delivery to overseas locations in board-back envelopes to ensure they are received by the Course Provider and to avoid damage.

NEBOSH send Diploma Level certificates and parchments directly to students whose postal address is in the UK via Royal Mail and for students whose addresses are outside of the UK directly to their course provider.

NEBOSH recommends that Course Providers send original and replacement certificates to students via a trackable delivery service.

Original certificates are normally sent out within 20 working days of the date on the relevant Unit Result Notification letter. NB: Please wait until this timescale has elapsed before contacting your Course Provider or NEBOSH.

However, if Students/Course Providers fail to inform NEBOSH within 40 working days of the URN letter issue date that they have not received their certificate/parchments they will be charged for replacing a certificate claimed not to have been received.

NEBOSH will not accept any liability for certificates lost in transit between Course Providers and students or once they have been received by students. In such cases requests for replacements certificates will not be processed without payment being received in full with a completed request form. 

Where damaged or incorrect certificates are returned to NEBOSH for replacement it is recommended that students and Course Providers return them via a trackable delivery service. NEBOSH will not accept any liability for original certificates returned to NEBOSH by Course Providers or Students that are lost in transit.

For more information see our Policy regarding candidate certificates including corrections and reissues.

NEBOSH takes all reports of suspected malpractice extremely seriously and will always conduct a thorough investigation in line with our Malpractice Policy 

If a student suspects a fellow student of cheating during the assessment, and it was not reported to the invigilator or course tutor, they should report the incident in writing immediately to their course provider (e.g. the course tutor) and provide NEBOSH with a copy of their written account.

After investigation, the Head of Centre must submit a Report of Suspected Malpractice to NEBOSH which will be acknowledged by NEBOSH within ten working days.

Please note that the outcome of the investigation and any sanctions imposed will not be disclosed to the individual making the complaint because of NEBOSH's responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you believe that the conduct of your course by the Course Provider was not satisfactory (e.g. quality of tuition, quality of learning support, access to learning resources, administrative arrangements or venue), in the first instance you are recommended to contact your Course Provider and proceed through their complaint procedure. 

If you are not able to resolve the problem, please see our complaints procedure.

NEBOSH do not provide access to scripts after the examination. During the marking of assessments, NEBOSH examiners do not add feedback or comments to the examination script.

In addition, NEBOSH do not release the current mark schemes as the questions can still form part of future examinations.

NEBOSH has published a number of documents to assist students in their revision:

  • Command words -  It is important that students have a full understanding of command words to make sure that when answering questions they answer to the level of detail required, ensuring that the relevant amount of time is spent on each section.
  • Syllabus Guides - Students can adequately prepare themselves for an examination by ensuring they have full knowledge of the syllabus. Students can do this by mapping their course materials to the learning outcomes of the syllabus.  
  • Examiners Reports’ are been produced for both Candidates and Course Providers to encourage candidates to concentrate on key areas; examination technique, command words and learning outcomes and is designed to assist candidates and course providers prepare for future assessments.
  • Preparing students for assessment guide - This guide is designed to assist in your preparation for NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma written assessments. The aim is to improve assessment performance and also to give students a helpful boost in confidence ahead of their examination sittings

These documents can be found in the Qualification section under each qualification in the resources section

NEBOSH does have an Enquiry About Results policy. This allows students who are unhappy with the mark achieved to request for their assessment to be remarked. Please see our Enquiries About Results policy for more information.

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If you wish to better the mark achieved on any NEBOSH assessment, you must advise NEBOSH is writing that you wish to do so within one calendar month of the achievement of your final unit. Your final parchment is issued after this date and then the original mark will stand. If the qualification is not yet completed, then the highest unit mark can be used.

If you do advise NEBOSH that you wish to better your mark, please be aware that your final parchment will not be issued until NEBOSH are advised that you are happy with the mark achieved.

The original certificate(s) must be returned to NEBOSH along with a completed replacement certificate request form with the correct payment before the request will be processed.

If the damaged certificate is disposed of before it can be returned to NEBOSH it will be considered destroyed and – see 'My certificate has been lost, can I get a replacement?'.

All candidates or Course Providers requesting a replacement certificate should read the Policy regarding candidate certificates including corrections and reissues.

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My certificate has been damaged, can i get a replacement?

How do i make a request for a replacement or amended unit Certificate or Qualification Parchment?

The regulatory authorities require that where the original certificate has been lost, stolen or not received the replacement is marked ‘reissue’ and printed with the reissue date. However, the certificate reference number will remain the same as the original.

Once a certificate or parchment has been re-issued the original will no longer be valid. If a lost or stolen original is later presented to NEBOSH for authentication it will be identified as invalid.

Repeated requests for re-issues from the same candidate and/or Course Provider will be investigated before they are accepted. If evidence of fraudulent and/or negligent activity is found, the incident will be treated by NEBOSH as malpractice and where appropriate, reported to the appropriate authorities.

Please refer to our Policy regarding candidate certificates including corrections and reissues for further information.

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What is the cost of a replacement certificate?

My certificate has been damaged, can i get a replacement?

How do i make a request for a replacement or amended unit Certificate or Qualification Parchment?

To minimise the risk of fraudulent duplication of Certificates and Parchments they are printed on security paper that includes watermarks and a hologram. Certificates and Parchments are individually numbered. NEBOSH maintains records of all Certificate and Parchments issued and reissued. Once a replacement has been issued, the original Certificate will no longer be valid.

If a lost or stolen original is later presented to NEBOSH for authentication it will be identified as invalid.

For more information see our Policy regarding candidate certificates including corrections and reissues

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My Certificate has been lost or stolen, can I get a replacement?

What is the cost of a replacement certificate?

 How do i make a request for a replacement or amended unit Certificate or Qualification Parchment?

Each provider must apply individually to ELCAS for approval. The decision to apply is at the Course Provider’s discretion. For further information, please contact the relevant Course Provider or ELCAS.