It is NEBOSH policy that all candidates should be given access to fair and equal assessment. Our “Policy and procedures for access arrangements, reasonable adjustments and special consideration” ensures that no candidate is placed at an unfair disadvantage, or advantage, over other candidates. In so doing, NEBOSH aims to comply both with legislation intended to prevent unfair discrimination and with the criteria laid down by the regulatory authorities.

Below are examples of arrangements available;

Access arrangements allow candidates with special educational needs, disabilities and temporary injuries to access assessment. For example; by providing a reader, scribe or a word processor.

Reasonable Adjustment can be made where a candidate, who is disabled within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010, would be at a substantial disadvantage in comparison to someone who is not disabled. NEBOSH is required to take reasonable steps to overcome that disadvantage. For example a Braille paper which would be a reasonable adjustment for a visually impaired person who could read Braille.

Special consideration can be applied for candidates who are present for the assessment but may have been disadvantaged by temporary illness, bereavement, injury or adverse circumstances that arose at or near the time of assessment.

If you would like to apply for any of the above arrangements please contact your Learning Partner directly to discuss your requirements. Your Learning Partner will then complete your application on your behalf.

Confirmation of your request will be sent to you and your Learning Partner prior to your assessment. In the event that any granted adjustments do not meet your requirements please contact your Learning Partner immediately to allow you application to be reviewed.

To download a copy of our “Policy and procedures for access arrangements, reasonable adjustments and special consideration” please click on the button below. Application forms for Learning Partners can be found in the secure Learning Partner area.

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