NEBOSH provides globally recognised health, safety and environmental management qualifications. Our qualifications are updated regularly and are recognised, relevant and respected. 

Careers guide

We worked with 24 leading voices in health and safety to produce a careers guide for aspiring health and and safety professionals, Do Something Great: Your Health and Safety Career. The free guide and a selection of blog posts from our experts are available online.

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Further study

NEBOSH qualifications help you develop your health and safety or environmental knowledge and can be a great way to advance your career. The following points may help you decide which NEBOSH qualification is right for you:

  • What you hope to gain from your studies – Are you trying to get a broader view of health and safety topics, or do you need to focus on a specific area such as oil and gas?
  • Previous study and experience – If you have already completed a health and safety or environmental qualification, or have experience working in those areas,  NEBOSH qualifications can help you build on the knowledge gained previously. Our qualification pages include course details and syllabus guides which can help you decide if the course will complement your existing knowledge.  
  • Your career aspirations – NEBOSH qualifications are often specified in job advertisements. Your career aspirations can therefore influence the qualifications you choose to complete. Completing job searches for roles you'd like to hold in the future can help you see which qualifications employers look for and expect from applicants.  

All of our qualifications, and more information on each one, can be found on our qualifications page.

Health and safety jobs

The SHP4Jobs website lets you filter vacancies by NEBOSH qualification. This lets recruiting organisations specify the qualifications required for the role, and helps you find roles that need your skills and level of knowledge.