Regulatory Recognition

NEBOSH values its status as a nationally recognised awarding body. NEBOSH has been a UK-recognised awarding body since 2000. In the UK, and increasingly worldwide, accreditation is recognised as a badge of quality adding value to qualifications. 

We are very proud of our achievements, and the contribution we have made to Britain’s international success. We are most proud of the impact our work is having; helping to save lives and protect others from life-changing injuries and ill-health around the world.

SQA Accreditation

NEBOSH received Approved Awarding Body Status from the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) Accreditation in 2009.

SQA Accreditation has a UK-wide regulatory remit and quality assures our activities and qualifications against published regulatory principles and accreditation criteria. This safeguards the interests of our stakeholders who include learners, Learning Partners and employers. Click on the links below for further information about:

Benefits of UK accreditation with SQA Accreditation

UK accredited qualifications provide the learner and other stakeholders with certain guarantees about the qualification:

  • Meets specific quality criteria that ensure it is fit for its purpose,
  • Includes relevant content,
  • Uses appropriate assessment methodology,
  • Mapped to relevant National Occupational Standards (NOS),
  • Supported by the relevant employment sector via a Sector Skills Council (SSC) and/or a standards Setting Body (SSB) where appropriate.

NEBOSH have been recognised as an Awarding Body by Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) since 2023.  Our Recognition number is RN6108.

Ofqual regulates our two NEBOSH Occupational Health Diplomas taken internationally and in the UK.  Ofqual regulate qualifications, examinations and assessments against their comprehensive General Conditions of Recognition.

Click on the links below for further information about:

Benefits of recognition by Ofqual

  • Provides confidence to qualification users that NEBOSH has the capacity and competence to develop and offer high-quality qualifications,
  • Certificates for regulated qualifications carry the Ofqual logo – a recognised quality mark,
  • The Ofqual quality mark is valued internationally.


BSI Logo

Quality Recognition

NEBOSH is an ISO 9001:2015 registered organisation independently audited by the British Standards Institution (BSI). The standard is based on a number of quality management principles designed to support the delivery of consistent high quality products and services to customers. ISO 9001 is implemented by over 1 million organisations in 170 countries.

Read more about ISO 9001 on the BSI website.


Environmental Recognition

NEBOSH is an ISO 14001:2015 registered organisation, independently audited by the BSI. The standard looks at how organisations can consider multiple aspects of their business relating to environmental management.  By meeting the requirements of the standard (eg, by identifying significant aspects and compliance obligations) it reduces the risk to the environment from the organisation’s activities/products/services. ISO 14001 is a globally recognised environmental management standard.  

Read more about ISO 14001 on the BSI website.


Occupational Health and Safety Recognition

NEBOSH is also ISO 45001:2018 accredited; again, independently audited by the BSI. This standard looks at how organisations can improve employee safety, reducing workplace risks and creating better, safer working conditions. ISO 14001 is a globally recognised environmental management standard.  

Read more about ISO 45001 on the BSI website.


Prompt Payment Code logo

Prompt Payment Code (PPC) Signatory

NEBOSH is a signatory of the Prompt Payment Code. This is a code of practice for businesses, administered by the Office of the Small Business Commissioner (SBC) on behalf of BEIS. It was established in December 2008 and sets standards for payment practices between organisations of any size and their suppliers.

Find out more about the PPC on the Small Business Commissioner website.