You save lives. Every single learner, Alumni member, Learning Partner, client and employee helps NEBOSH to achieve its vision; to enable and inspire the world of work and wider environment to be a safer and healthier place.

Because you are caring for people in the workplace, we are committed to caring for you. Customers are at the centre of everything we do, from developing our products and assessments to marking, support services and certificates, and everything in between.

What this means for you

We will be easy to work with
We offer choice of customer service channels. We are available via live chat, telephone or email (using our website contact form) so that you can choose your preferred communication method.

We provide lots of information online
We publish an extensive Frequently Asked Questions area on our website so that you can easily find the answers to common questions. Our qualification pages also provide lots of information and resources to help you.

We aim to reply in a timely manner
We aim to respond to your first contact within two working days. There may be times that the information you require takes longer than expected but we will keep you informed. Some services may take longer and you can find timeframes for these services online: NEBOSH Enquiry Response times.

We aim to get things right first time
We will make sure information available to our customers is relevant, up to date and understandable.

We will be transparent in our decision-making
We will be open about the decisions and actions that we take, even when delivering unwelcome news. Our policies and procedures provide you with additional reassurance of the decisions we make.

We are committed to continuous improvement
We would like your feedback so that we can continue to improve. You can contact us to provide general feedback or follow our Customer Feedback and Complaints process, if you are unhappy with our level of service.

We aim for quality in everything we do

We are rigorous
People achieving our qualifications will be responsible for other people’s safety. We therefore make sure our products and services are of the highest accuracy, reliability and quality.

We work with regulators
Many of our qualifications are regulated to give you assurance of the quality of our products and processes.

We meet international standards
We hold ISO 45001, 9001 and 14001 standards that demonstrate our commitment to health, safety, quality and the environment.

We aspire to work with the best learning organisations
We have a robust accreditation and auditing process to make sure our Learning Partners provide all learners with the very best learning journey.

We work with industry professionals to assess your work
We only work with qualified and experienced professionals to act as NEBOSH Examiners. We have a rigorous training and recruitment process to ensure marking is accurate and consistent.

We are committed to removing frauds and cheats from the profession
We employ a dedicated team of Ethical Practice experts who prevent and detect malpractice. We take action against anyone found to be instrumental in any form of cheating, fraud or malpractice to protect the integrity of our qualifications. Our Ethical Practice reports are available on our website.
We also provide a free, online verification service so you can confirm the authenticity of a NEBOSH certificate.

illustration of three learners holding stars