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What happens if I have been referred?

If a student received a 'refer' result they have not met the pass standard in the examination or assignment.

Referred students have the opportunity to re-register for a written examination or practical assessment (or re-register to re-submit written assignments and projects). The exact rules vary according to the qualification - please consult the appropriate qualification Guide for full details of re-takes and re-submissions.
For Certificate-level qualifications; National General Certificate, National Construction Certificate (July 07 specification) and the Fire Safety and Risk Management Certificate, there is no limit to the number of re-sits which can be taken.  However, to be awarded the qualification all units must be successfully completed within five years.

For the Construction certificate where the first-sitting was before December 07 and the National General Certificate where the first sitting was before December 06 referred students have one opportunity to re-sit components in which they were referred, within twelve months of the original sitting.

For all Diploma-level awards you can re-sit your examination as many times as necessary within your five year enrolment period.

All examination re-sits should be arranged via a Course Provider.  NEBOSH are unable to accept direct bookings. 

We recommend students refer to the appropriate qualification Guide for full details or contact their Course Providers for further guidance.