NEBOSH has completed a full review of all its qualifications, assessments and associated resources for learners and Learning Partners.

Examiners' reports are designed to provide feedback on an assessment and can be used as a revision tool by learners and Learning Partners. Typically, these reports will include the questions used in the papers, the strengths and weaknesses of candidate responses, and examples of good and more limited responses. Where appropriate, they will provide examples of what Examiners were expecting and guidance on examination technique.

Learner feedback for digital assessments

A new style of document has been produced for new specifications/assessment units. This document provides feedback for learners for each new assessment unit but will not be produced for every sitting. Feedback is provided on the overall learner performance and emphasis has been given to areas where learners can improve their assessment preparation, responses and assessment technique.

This format is currently available for the National General and International General Certificate digital assessment:

Learner Feedback

This document, and additional resources for digital assessments can be found here: Resources to help you prepare.

Examiners' reports for paper based invigilated assessments

Previously, NEBOSH has provided Examiners reports following each Diploma examination and twice yearly for standard date certificate examinations. Following changes to our examination timetable and the removal of standard date certificate level qualifications the decision has been made that NEBOSH will no longer produce Examiners’ reports for each sitting.

All of our Examiners' reports are available below. These can also be found in the Resources section of the relevant qualification's web page, where additional useful resources and links are also listed: view all NEBOSH qualifications.

Certificate-level qualifications


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