Individual Learner Feedback

NEBOSH provide individual learner feedback for the following units:

  • NG2/IG2/FSC2 – your feedback is sent to you via email following declaration of your result.  If you have not received this feedback please contact your Learning Partner directly to request a copy to be resent to you.
  • DNI, NDEM2, IDEM2 – feedback is sent by NEBOSH via the email that you registered with, following declaration of your result. If you have not received your feedback by the official result notification date please contact NEBOSH via our contact us form.

Additional resources

NEBOSH does not currently provide feedback for any other unit assessment. We do however have a number of different revision tools to assist learners in making sure they are fully prepared for their assessment.

These include:

  • Syllabus Guides – Learners can prepare themselves for an examination by ensuring they have full knowledge of the syllabus. Learners can do this my mapping their course materials to the learning outcomes of the syllabus. Full syllabus guides are available to view and download on the Resources section of the relevant qualification web page. Visit the Qualifications page.
  • Examiners' Reports and Learner Feedback – Examiners' reports are designed to provide feedback on an assessment and can be used as a revision tool by learners and Learning Partners. NEBOSH has completed a full review of all its qualifications, assessments and associated resources including Examiners' reports. Find out more and download the latest reports: NEBOSH Examiners' Reports and Learner Feedback.
  • Digital assessments – we have produced Learner Guides and sample question papers for Certificate and Diploma-level digital assessments.
  • Digital assignment submissions  DNI, NDEM2 and IDEM2 assignments must now be submitted digitally. More information can be found here: Digital assignments for Diploma qualifications.
  • Practical assessment – Practical guidance documents for our Award and Certificate-level qualifications are available for all relevant units. These documents can be found in the Qualification section under the relevant qualification in the resources section.
  • Command words – It is important that learners have a full understanding of these words to make sure that when answering questions they answer to the level of detail required, ensuring that the relevant amount of time is spent on each section. View Guidance on command words. Command words are used in our written paper based assessment for the following units:
    • Certificate qualifications – GC2, EC1, FC1, IFC1, IOG1 NCC1, ICC1 and NHC1. 
    • Diploma qualifications – A,B,C, IA, IB, IC and ID1.

Each qualification page has a resources section with useful documents, links and guidance. Visit the Qualifications page to find guidance for your chosen qualification.