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I have achieved a NEBOSH qualification. Do NEBOSH qualifications have an expiry date?

No.  Once all the units of a NEBOSH qualification have been successfully completed, the qualification achievement does not expire and NEBOSH does not require qualifications to be periodically re-taken.

However, in a dynamic field such as health and safety, new legislation, standards, best practice and professional body requirements do evolve over time.  As a result, NEBOSH qualification syllabuses are reviewed and updated regularly.

NEBOSH would recommend that longstanding qualification holders maintain a current knowledge of the subject area and would benefit from undertaking the latest version of the qualification, to provide up-to date knowledge, understanding and workplace application.  This is entirely optional.   

Existing qualification holders who decide that they wish to update their knowledge by taking the most recent version of a qualification they already hold can obtain details of the current versions of NEBOSH qualifications here.  

Course providers can be found using the search facility in the ‘where to study’ section of the NEBOSH website by clicking here.