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What are the consequences of falsely claiming to hold a NEBOSH qualification?

NEBOSH keeps records of all examination candidates and all persons who have been awarded one of our qualifications.  Each Unit Certificate and Qualification Parchment has a number of anti-forgery and anti-fraud features, including a unique identifying number enabling us to cross check the details of the person to whom that numbered Certificate or Parchment was issued.  We will assist employers and recruitment agencies in verifying that prospective or existing employees actually do hold NEBOSH qualifications.  Falsifying qualifications in order to obtain a job is a reason for instantly dismissing the employee concerned for serious misconduct under the Employment Rights Act 1996.

Falsely claiming to hold a qualification is also a criminal offence under the Fraud Act 2006.  The person making the claim is guilty of “Fraud by False Representation” under Section 2 of the Act.

NEBOSH will report such cases to the police and will provide evidence to support a prosecution. 

Further, we may inform appropriate professional bodies of the attempted fraud where their members have participated, (for example by supplying a genuine parchment from which the forgery was made).