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The details (eg, name) on my certificate are incorrect or have changed, can they be amended?

NEBOSH advises candidates to register and be certificated under their full formal/legal name.
The name which appears on your Unit Certificates and Qualification Parchment is taken from your enrolment and/or examination registration forms.  Please check your confirmation of enrolment and examination entry confirmation to ensure that your name is spelt correctly.  If your name is recorded incorrectly please inform us of the correct spelling in writing as soon as possible.

Requests for changes to Certificates and Parchments fall into four categories:
• Certificates with naming errors (misspelling, etc)

• Changing name as registered to ‘preferred’ name (eg, Jonathan James Smith to Jim Smith or vice versa)

• Changing order of names (eg, reversing surname and first name for certification purposes)

• Name change for legal purposes (eg, due to marriage or by deed poll)

The rules and timescales governing correcting naming errors and making name changes depend on the type of name change being requested.  Further details are set out in the relevant section of the NEBOSH Policy regarding candidate certificates including corrections and reissues. A copy can be downloaded by clicking here.

NB:  NEBOSH is obliged to follow regulatory rules in relation to issuing, correcting and reissuing certificates and may be unable to re-issue Unit Certificates/Qualification in all instances.