Unit certificates and qualification parchments provide proof of achievement and are valuable documents that should be kept safe. Employers, professional bodies and academic institutions may ask to see unit certificates and/or qualification parchment as evidence of the qualification holder’s achievement.

As an awarding body recognised by the relevant regulator, NEBOSH certificates are designed, issued and, where necessary, replaced in accordance with regulatory requirements.

It is the responsibility of Learning Partners to ensure the learner’s full legal name as stated on their Photographic Identification (eg current passport, driving licence or national identity card) is entered clearly, accurately and in the correct order during registration.

It is the responsibility of the learner to check the spelling, name order and name. This information is provided on an Assessment Registration Confirmation (ARC), prior to the examination.

Name Changes and Corrections

The learner or Learning Partners must submit a correction of a name before the results are declared for any upcoming assessment(s). NEBOSH provides confirmation of how the name will be shown on a Certificate/Parchment on the assessment registration confirmation letter that is emailed directly to the learner.

NEBOSH makes every effort to accommodate requests for amended or replacement(s) certificates but please note that due to the requirements of the regulatory authorities it may not always be possible.

Certificates are intended to be used by learners to confirm qualifications, learners must register and be certificated under their full formal/legal name. Please note: names exceeding 60 characters may appear over two or more lines on the certificate.

NEBOSH is obliged to be able to identify a learner, including their correct name and will require a copy of photographic identification, eg current passport, driving licence or national identity card.

In line with GDPR the identification will not be printed and will be stored securely in an electronic format by NEBOSH and is deleted within 6-months.

Certificates Received with a naming error

If a learner identifies a naming error, they must report this directly to their Learning Partner in the first instance.

Replacements for certificates containing misspellings will not be marked ‘reissue’. Requests must be accompanied by supporting learner identification (eg copy of passport page with name, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc) to confirm the accurate name.

If the registered name contains an error (ie a misspelling) these changes may be made retrospectively after the result declaration date.

If NEBOSH receives an error correction request before examination results are declared the name amendment will be made free of charge and certificate(s) issued in the corrected name.

If NEBOSH receives the error correction request after examination results are declared the name amendment and certificate re-issue may incur a charge. Certificate reissues will not proceed until payment has been received in full.

Download the Policy

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Replacement Certificate request form

Our replacement certificate request form can be completed by Learners requesting their own replacement certificate, or Learning Partners requesting a replacement on behalf of one of their Learners.