NEBOSH has a strict and rigorous approach to plagiarism and collusion – it ensures fairness for all our learners and reassurance for the organisations who employ our qualification holders.

We expect that you do not collude or share answers with other learners.

We have a comprehensive Malpractice Policy that outlines our proactive and reactive approach to malpractice. We also have a team dedicated to investigating and checking compliance with this policy. Read the Malpractice Policy.

  • The design of the assessment – passing requires application of learning to an unfamiliar scenario. Copy and pasting information from books or online will not answer the questions posed in this open book examination.
  • Limited Window – Learners only have 24 hours to complete and submit their examination, limiting the opportunity for collusion.
  • Own Work Statement – Learners will be asked to agree to an ‘own work statement’  when submitting their examination.
  • Trained Examiners  NEBOSH Examiners receive bespoke training and scrutinise every submission for plagiarism and collusion.
  • Closing Interview – We have introduced a closing interview, which is conducted by our Learning Partners. Once the learner’s photographic identification has been checked they will be asked questions about their paper to confirm the work submitted is their own.

Please make sure you read and understand the Malpractice Policy and Open Book Examinations Learner Guide beforehand – these contain extensive information about the conduct we expect from our learners and Learning Partners and there are disciplinary sanctions for failing to adhere to them.