Several NEBOSH certificate-level qualifications now include a digital assessment, also known as an open book examination. This format enables you to sit your NEBOSH assessment on your own, usually in your own home or another safe and suitable location where you can concentrate. 

Do not think that a digital assessment is an easy alternative to invigilated examinations; NEBOSH is trusted by organisations around the world to provide relevant and rigorous qualifications and assessments. The questions you’ll be asked will be different to those in our previous closed book examinations. You will be presented with a scenario that describes a realistic workplace and situation. You will then be asked to carry out a series of tasks using evidence presented in the scenario, as well as the underpinning knowledge you have gained through your studies and revision.

Open Book Examinations

"I loved the layout of the exam. It puts you into the scenario where you can apply your studies and understanding"

John-Ross McDonald, TRADEREACH

"The open book examination was a great experience, and not as easy as some think it is."

Carissa Matthews-Joseph, NEBOSH Learner

"The scenario style questions definitely promote the candidates understanding and evaluation. You cannot get through the exam ‘parrot fashion’."

Rebecca Docker, NEBOSH Examiner and Managing Director RD Safety Solutions

You can expect to see questions that ask What? Could? How? Why? and Where? These will not only assess what you know but what you can do with that knowledge; our examiners will be looking for you to demonstrate analytical, evaluation and creative skills as well as critical thinking.

Whatever format the question, it will relate to the syllabus and learning outcomes of your qualification.

To help you during the digital assessments you can use resources such as notes, textbooks, learning materials and online resources. It’s important to remember that cutting and pasting from a textbook or online resource will not provide you with a good answer – you will need to really understand the topic and apply your understanding to the scenario given in the question paper. Any materials used should also be correctly referenced. 


A range of resources to help you revise and prepare for your assessment, including how to access and submit your work, can be found here.