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Assignment brief Unit ID

The student is required to carry out a detailed review of the health and safety performance of a workplace or organisation and produce a justified action plan to improve performance. 

The assignment will require the student to apply the knowledge and understanding gained from their studies of elements of Units IA, IB and IC in a practical environment and to carry out critical analysis and evaluation of information gathered during the review.  The level of work should be that expected of a competent occupational health and safety practitioner working within an organisation.

Please download the latest Guidance and Information for candidates by clicking on the related files link.  This document provides comprehensive guidance on the presentation and submission of the Unit ID assignment report.  It includes guidance on the structure and style of the report. Students should study this document carefully before submitting their assignment.

The guidance should be read in conjunction with the assignment mark scheme, which is attached at the end of this guidance document, to provide a clear guide to the requirements of the assignment report.

Students who are eligible to submit assignments to the briefs on the website are those who are enrolled with NEBOSH on the NEBOSH International Diploma programme (and have been allocated a student PIN) and who will have finished the relevant Unit before the submission date. If in any doubt regarding eligibility, contact your course provider for advice. Assignment briefs will be formally issued to students by their course providers. In turn, course providers are required to supply NEBOSH with a list of names of students to whom an assignment has been issued. It is important that your name appears on this list. Therefore, do not attempt an assignment unless your course provider has confirmed, or is able to confirm, that you are in a position to do so.