Why choose NEBOSH qualifications for your company

Ensuring that health and safety is properly managed in business is extremely important. Why?

  • It is a legal obligation – Employers must protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and other people who might be affected by their business.
  • It’s the right thing to do – Having effective health and safety arrangements in place helps to protect people from injury and in the most serious of cases, loss of life.
  • It also makes good business sense – Being able to demonstrate good health and safety provision can help win new business.  Conversely, a health and safety failing can result in prosecution, increased costs and seriously damage a business’s reputation.

NEBOSH qualifications can play an important part in ensuring that the health and safety provision businesses have in place is effective.  This may explain why so many organisations choose to include NEBOSH qualifications on their competency matrices.

Our health, safety and environmental qualifications cater for most needs:

Our qualifications are flexible. They are broken down into units which allow learners to fit their training around other commitments. Some of our qualifications have a common unit, which means learners can build on their knowledge and take further qualifications, without repeating the content they have studied previously.

Globally, over 600 learning partners have been accredited by NEBOSH to offer some or all of our qualifications. Many learning partners will deliver training on an in-company basis; giving you the opportunity to reflect your own systems of work or key hazards. Alternatively, you may wish to explore the possibility of your business becoming a learning partners. Further details of the process can be found by clicking here.

Useful Resources

  • NEBOSH Qualifications - Further information about the range of qualifications NEBOSH offers can be found here.
  • Study options - The Where to Study search facility can help you to shortlist learning partners that match your organisations requirements. You can search for learning partners accredited to offer courses leading to specific qualifications. Location and mode of study preferences (including in-company options) can also be factored into your search.
  • Case Studies – Click here to see how our qualifications have been beneficial to other businesses and individual learners.
  • Qualification Verification – We offer a qualification verification service for employers – more details available here.