Did you know that organisations can deliver NEBOSH qualifications in-house by becoming a Corporate Learning Partner?

If you are looking to deliver NEBOSH qualifications internally for the people in your organisation, you may be interested in being accredited as a Corporate Learning Partner. 

There are many benefits to delivering qualifications in-house as a Corporate Learning Partner, including additional flexibility on course dates and providing a consistent learning experience for your employees. You will also be able to adapt course materials to align more closely with your organisation's activities, policies and processes, making the course content even more relevant to your employees whilst still covering the key learning outcomes of the qualification. 

All NEBOSH Learning Partners must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have qualified, experienced tutorial staff in place. As a minimum you must have a Lead Tutor and Internal Assessor (where applicable) in place for each qualification you intend to deliver. Please read the Tutor-Assessor criteria document for details of the requirement per qualification.
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you meet the requirements of each of the six NEBOSH Learning Excellence Principles. Please read the NEBOSH Learning Partner Programme document for further details.
  • It is your responsibility to develop or licence suitable course materials for any qualification you intend to deliver before your application is submitted. Course materials and publications can be licenced from NEBOSH or other Learning Partners, making it easier to offer NEBOSH qualifications.

Complete the Corporate Services Contact Us form to discuss your business requirements and better understand the process of becoming a Corporate Learning Partner. 

Alternative choices for in-house training

If becoming a Corporate Learning Partner is not the right step for your organisation, you could work with an existing NEBOSH Learning Partner to deliver in-house training. If you would like help choosing a Learning Partner to work with for in-house training, use our Contact Us form for further support. 

Whichever route you choose for bringing NEBOSH qualifications and expertise into your organisation, you'll be in good company. Our corporate clients include Network Rail, BT, British Steel and the Football Association.