NEBOSH Certificate-level qualifications have been developed using a unit-based approach to provide flexibility for learners. 

Learners can choose to take the assessed units in any order. This could mean studying for multiple units and the required assessments at the same time, or spreading studies over a longer period - whichever works best for you. Certificates are issued when all units making up the qualification have been successfully passed.

Here are some questions you should consider when choosing a NEBOSH Certificate qualification:

  • Do you want to focus on a particular skill set, such as fire safety or leadership? 
  • Do you want to focus on a particular sector, such as construction?
  • Which certificate would best complement your role or career aspirations?
  • What do employers expect? Consider the types of job roles you are interested in and whether employers or recruiters expect certain qualifications. 

If you have already completed the NEBOSH General Certificate, you may wish to take a Certificate which focuses on a certain sector or skill set, or you may be interested in progressing to a NEBOSH Diploma instead.

Our Qualification Progression Leaflet below could help you decide which NEBOSH Qualification is right for you. You can also visit our qualifications page to find out more about all of our Certificate qualifications. Each page includes details on the course content, assessments and useful resources for Learners: View all NEBOSH Certificate Qualifications.