NEBOSH qualifications can play an important part in ensuring that the health and safety provision businesses have in place is effective. This may explain why so many organisations choose to include NEBOSH qualifications on their competency matrices.

Whether you are recruiting a health and safety professional, or looking to make improvements within your organisation and provide training for your employees, NEBOSH can help. 

Why choose NEBOSH qualifications for your company?

Ensuring that health and safety is properly managed is extremely important for organisations of any size, and in any sector. When considering their approach to health and safety, employers should remember the following points:  

  • It is a legal obligation – Employers have a responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and other people who might be affected by their business.
  • It’s the right thing to do – Effective health and safety management helps to protect people from incidents causing injury or, in the most serious of cases, loss of life.
  • It makes good business sense – Being able to demonstrate good health and safety provision can help win new business. Conversely, a health and safety failing can result in prosecution, increased costs and seriously damage a business’ reputation.

How can NEBOSH help? Our health, safety and environmental qualifications cater for most needs:

  • NEBOSH Courses - An introduction to occupational safety and health, suitable for employees at any level, in any sector.
  • NEBOSH Award-level qualifications - Provide a basic understanding of health and safety and environmental principles and practice. Excellent for raising awareness amongst your workforce.
  • NEBOSH Certificate-level qualifications - Give a good foundation in health and safety or environment for managers, supervisors and staff who have day to day responsibilities for these issues.
  • NEBOSH Diploma-level qualifications - Aimed at individuals who are, or aspire to be, professional health and safety advisors and environmental practitioners.
  • MSc and MRes Qualifications - An option for progression for NEBOSH Diploma holders.

Globally, over 600 Learning Partners have been accredited by NEBOSH to offer some or all of our qualifications. Many Learning Partners can deliver in-company training; giving you the opportunity to reflect your own systems of work or key hazards. Find out more about choosing a Learning Partner.

Alternatively, you may wish to explore the possibility of your organisation becoming a Learning Partner. If this is something you would like to discuss please contact us through

Whichever route you choose for bringing NEBOSH qualifications and expertise into your organisation, you'll be in good company. Our corporate clients include Network Rail, BT, British Steel and the Football Association. 

Verifying NEBOSH qualifications

If you would like to confirm that an employee holds a NEBOSH qualification, or that a NEBOSH certificate is genuine, you can use our free online Verification service. This is a simple self-service option which can help you make sure that new or potential employees have achieved the qualification you have asked for. 

We are welcoming organisations to sign an employer pledge, committing to verifying the NEBOSH qualifications of prospective health and safety workers. It’s free to pledge your support and you’ll contribute to maintaining the integrity of the global safety profession: Safety in your hands: employer pledge to verify NEBOSH qualifications.

Useful Resources

  • NEBOSH Qualifications - See detailed information on all of the qualifications NEBOSH offers.
  • Where to study - Shortlist Learning Partners that match your organisation's requirements. You can search for Learning Partners accredited to offer courses leading to specific qualifications. Location and mode of study preferences can also be factored into your search., and many Learning Partners can offer in-company options. 
  • Case Studies See examples of how NEBOSH qualifications have been beneficial to other businesses and individual learners.