NEBOSH does have an Enquiry About Results policy (EAR). This allows learners who are unhappy with the mark achieved to request for their assessment to be remarked. There are two types available:

Enquiry Type 1: clerical check

This is a clerical check to ensure all parts of the script(s)/practical assessment/assignment/project have been marked and that marks have been totalled correctly.  

Enquiry Type 2: re-mark

This is a re-mark of the script by a different examiner, who is a higher level than the original examiner. This type of enquiry does not include a clerical check.

All EAR requests should be made directly to NEBOSH within one month of the results issue date. Full payment must be made before the EAR request can be processed.

If as a result of the EAR, a learner has their unit result changed from a refer to a pass or has their qualification grade revised upwards, the revised result will be issued and the EAR fee and any relevant re-registration fee already paid (where the learner hasn't already sat the examination), will be reimbursed in full. 

If the outcome requires the reissue of a Unit Certificate and/or Parchment, this will be done free of charge. 

Please see our Enquiries About Results Policy and Procedures for more information.

EAR costs can be found on our most recent Learner Fees List.

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