Who can use the NEBOSH logo?

Sunday, 1 January 2023

NEBOSH and the NEBOSH logo are registered trademarks, and there are restrictions on how our name and logo can be used by others. We’ve outlined some common scenarios and explained whether you are able to use the NEBOSH logo.

My organisation is an accredited Learning Partner delivering NEBOSH qualifications to individuals and other organisations. 

All Learning Partners accredited to deliver NEBOSH qualifications will be provided with a unique logo displaying their individual Learning Partner number. NEBOSH Learning Partners are categorized as Gold, Silver or Bronze and this is indicated on the logo too.  

My organisation is accredited to deliver NEBOSH qualifications in-house. 

This means you are an accredited NEBOSH Learning Partner and will have access to a unique Learning Partner logo. This will include your Learning Partner number and indicate that you are a Corporate Learning Partner. This could be used on your website to indicate that you deliver NEBOSH qualifications for your employees.  

I have completed a NEBOSH qualification 

Completing a NEBOSH qualification does not give you permission to use our logo.  

However, if you have completed a NEBOSH Diploma you are able to use specified designatory letters after your name. See a full list here; Designatory letters. You will also be eligible to join the NEBOSH Alumni and will have access to a special NEBOSH Alumni logo which can be used on email signatures, for example. 

My employees have NEBOSH qualifications 

It’s great that the knowledge and skills gained through NEBOSH qualifications will be put to use in your workplace. However this does not give you permission to use the NEBOSH logo.  

Sometimes employers use the NEBOSH logo on their website in a way that wrongly implies NEBOSH has endorsed their service or accredited their organisation. 

As an example, a construction firm who want to promote that several team members hold NEBOSH qualifications add the NEBOSH logo to a “certifications” page on their website. This implies that the company has an affiliation with NEBOSH when it is the individuals who hold NEBOSH qualifications.  

Instead, you could state in writing that members of your team hold NEBOSH qualifications, but you should not include the NEBOSH logo. If your website has a meet the team page you could mention NEBOSH qualifications in the employee’s individual bio.  

My organisation verifies NEBOSH qualifications as part of the hiring process 

Verifying the NEBOSH qualifications held by your employees or new recruits is really good practice. It helps stop fraudulent certificates being used and helps you confirm that new recruits have the qualifications and skills you are looking for. However it does not give you permission to use the NEBOSH logo. 

Instead, you may be interested in signing our NEBOSH Employer Pledge: Safety In Your Hands. If you provide your organisation’s logo we will provide a personalised certificate, social media card and a press release template to help you promote that you verify qualifications in this way. Find out more: NEBOSH Employer Pledge and NEBOSH Verifications tool.  

For more information on using the NEBOSH logo, please see our full policy; Use of the NEBOSH logo by third parties