Welcome to NEBOSH Verifications

You can now use our online form to verify if a NEBOSH certificate is genuine.

Please complete the fields below, all information can be found on the learner's certificate and must be entered exactly as written.

Alternatively, if the certificate has a QR code you can scan this code to verify the certificate. 

Note: If the certificate was issued before 1991, or your diploma certificate was issued before 2020, you will need to manually submit the verification request form. See our verifications policy for more information and a link to the manual form.


*All fields are mandatory. 
Text fields are case sensitive.

Certificate details
The Learner name must be entered exactly as shown on the certificate.
This is the date that the Learner's results were officially declared. In most cases this will be the only date on the certificate.
This number is linked to the Learner's name and will enable us to verify your request. Please enter in the full Master Log Certificate number in the bottom left hand corner of your certificate including the forward slash (/) character. You should not enter the SQA Ref details.

Please click the box below to indicate you are a human rather than an automated system completing this form.