Should you share your NEBOSH certificate online?

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Quite often on social media, especially LinkedIn, we get to see people sharing their NEBOSH results and certificates.

Whether it’s an introductory course or a long-awaited Diploma, we love seeing people share their NEBOSH success and their excitement with friends, family and colleagues. 

But a photograph of your certificate can be useful to people who want to fraudulently reproduce them. They might even use your image to advertise their fraudulent service. This is a risk for any academic parchment shared online, not just NEBOSH Certificates. 

If you’re sharing a photo of your NEBOSH certificate online, make sure you cover any sensitive information. Hide your Master Log Certificate Number and the QR code that is included on newer certificates. If you’re sharing a results letter, you should hide your learner number and your address.

Covering these details will keep your personal information safe, and it will also help stop others from producing fraudulent certificates. Your Master Log Certificate Number and learner number are unique to you, but could be useful to people trying to recreate a verifiable certificate.

Alternatively, you could share a post about passing your NEBOSH qualification without a photo or with a different photo - your text book from the course for example. 

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More information on making sure your NEBOSH Learning Partner is accredited and how to verify certificates can be found in our recent news item, Study a Genuine NEBOSH Certificate.