Self-confidence and critical thinking are key to success

Case Study: Khaled Alhindi

Khaled Alhindi studied Geology and the Environment at University. After graduating, he secured work conducting geological and lithological investigations on construction sites, which helped inform the plans made by civil engineers. It was during these site visits, very early on in his working life, that Khaled’s interest in health and safety began.

“I observed a wide range of hazards whilst on site. I started spending time thinking how workers and assets could be better protected. I asked friends who were already working in health and safety how I could improve my knowledge, and they recommended NEBOSH qualifications to me.” explained Khaled.

Khaled researched his options and signed up for the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health.

"I learnt so much from that course both in terms of the content covered and by talking to other students about their experiences. I immediately started to implement what I learnt on site which improved the working environment for my colleagues.”

This experience confirmed to Khaled that he wanted to continue focusing on health and safety. He took every opportunity to gain practical experience and kept studying!

As he gained qualifications and experience, health and safety became an increasingly significant part of Khaled’s role. When he secured his current role with Mitsubishi Corporation it became his primary focus. Khaled is a QHSE Officer for the Qatar- Doha Metro project and he is loving it!

It is such a varied role that no two days are the same. I get involved with delivering safety inductions, conducting risk assessments and safety inspections, providing training to colleagues, reporting on safety performance and much more. The team are always looking to identify opportunities to improve and innovate so we can better protect our people.” Khaled said.

This continuous improvement ethos is something Khaled adopts personally too. He has recently enrolled on the NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health which will be his seventh NEBOSH qualification. He has already completed NEBOSH certificates in Process Safety Management, Oil and Gas, Fire as well as the NEBOSH HSE qualifications in Leadership and Incident Investigation!

“For me Health and Safety is a dynamic discipline. It is vital that as practitioners we keep enhancing our skills and knowledge to ensure our effectiveness. NEBOSH qualifications manage to combine the technical with a practical approach which has really worked for me. My NEBOSH qualifications have helped me to develop my self-confidence and critical thinking which have been key to my success.”

We know Khaled will not need it but we wish him the best of luck with his Diploma studies!

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