The NG2 and IG2 assessment requires learners to practically apply the knowledge and understanding that they have gained from their studies. Before starting the assessment,  learners must have completed the whole NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus (elements 1 to 11).

 The unit requires learners to produce a general risk assessment based on a workplace. This includes:

  • Profiling and prioritising risks
  • Inspecting the workplace
  • Recognising a range of common hazards
  • Evaluating risks and (taking account of current controls)
  • Recommending further control measures and planning actions

The risk assessment must consider a wide range of identified hazards (drawn from elements 5-11 of the NG syllabus) that meets best practice standards "suitable and sufficient" that is included within the assessment criteria

Further information about the NEBOSH General Certificate qualifications and the resources available to learners can be found in our qualifications pages:


This video provides useful tips on what is required for each criteria and making the risk assessment “suitable and sufficient”. This follows the same criteria that Examiners use when marking the risk assessments.

 The activity below will help ensure you are confident in your ability to mark the NG2/IG2 practical assessment.