Learners may apply for special consideration if they missed part of the examination due to unforeseen circumstances but not if they were absent from the whole examination. However, please note that any adjustment made for special consideration will always be minor in order to both safeguard the overall marking standard and not to unfairly disadvantage other learners. For this reason, NEBOSH recommends that learners absent for more than 25% of the time allowed should re-take the examination at a later date. 

Learners may be eligible for special consideration because of:

  • temporary personal illness or accident/ injury at the time of the assessment
  • bereavement at the time of the assessment; or bereavement occurring before the time of the assessment, where an anniversary has been reached at the time of the assessment or there are ongoing implications such as inquests or court cases
  • serious disturbance during the assessment
  • alternative assessment arrangements that were agreed in advance of the assessment that proved inappropriate or inadequate.

All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

For more information please see the Policy and procedures for access arrangements, reasonable adjustments and special consideration.

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