Twenty people awarded NEBOSH Diploma Scholarship

Monday, 10 July 2023

A record number of people applied for a 2023 Michael Adamson NEBOSH Diploma Scholarship. And NEBOSH responded by awarding a record number of scholarships – doubling the number awarded to twenty!

More than 1,300 people applied for this year’s scholarship which is named in memory of Michael Adamson who lost his life in a preventable workplace incident. The programme is designed to help aspiring health and safety professionals develop the skills they need to succeed in the workplace and keep people safe from harm. Recipients each receive paid-for study for the NEBOSH Level 6 National or International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals.

The judging panel included NEBOSH Diploma holders David Ongesa and Gina Biggs, NEBOSH’s Dee Arp and Matt Powell-Howard, and Louise Adamson, Michael’s sister and NEBOSH Ambassador. They commented on the dedication and passion all of the applicants had for keeping people safe and healthy in their workplaces and beyond.

The recipients all showed exceptional passion, ambition and a genuine commitment to not only their personal development but that of their colleagues, organisations, profession and country. They are:

  • Lorraine Bostoff
  • Louise Birchall
  • Bibiana Nkeng
  • Elizabeth Sharland-Wong
  • Fraser Herd
  • India Lambley
  • Logan Holmes
  • Adaora Ijeamaka Ogbu
  • Kingsley Ahanonu
  • Munachimso Solomon Nduchegwo
  • Lucky Ujirioghene Amos
  • Prudence Uwailomwan Alabo
  • Abanum Iruoghene Isakpa
  • Sidra Tul Muntaha
  • Kenile Judith Ofunne
  • Khadija Asif
  • Michael Ojonugwa Akor
  • Isaac Kasyoka Mutunga
  • Micheal Frimpong Manso
  • Winifred Bisaba Ayelsum

Abanum said: “I am incredibly honoured and I am thrilled to have been chosen for this opportunity. I am eagerly looking forward to commencing the NEBOSH Diploma. This scholarship will not only provide me with a comprehensive understanding of occupational health and safety management but will also equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in my field, thus preventing workplace incidents and contributing to the society at large.”

About the 2023 Michael Adamson NEBOSH Diploma Scholarship recipients

Winners of the NEBOSH Level 6 National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals

Louise Birchall Louise Birchall is a Production Manager in the theatre industry, working to break down the myth 'the show must go on, no matter what' and change this into 'the show must go on, safely and efficiently'.
Bibiana NKeng Bibiana Nkeng is a Support Worker in the health industry. She gained a NEBOSH General Certificate while living as a refugee and now wants to pursue her dream of becoming a health and safety professional and “positively contribute in the lives of families by creating a safe working environment.”
Logan Holmes Logan Holmes started working in health and safety as a 16-year-old after being inspired by his mother. He is eager to learn more about the subject he loves and thinks “it is important to show that younger professionals can work in H&S and when given the academic tools to do so, we can be pretty good at it too!”
Lorraine Bostoff Lorraine Bostoff returned to the profession in 2020 after an eight-year break to raise her children. She now works as a Health & Safety Advisor and says “I thrive on helping people, and being part of a team that exists primarily to help people stay safe every day whilst at work is my dream job.”
Fraser Herd Fraser Herd is serious about safety. He works as a Head of Safety & Technical after 20 years in the electrical industry. Fraser believes the scholarship will give him a better footing to effect change and promote a great health and safety culture.
India Lambley India Lambley is a SHEQ Coordinator and was motivated to restart her education journey after discovering the health and safety profession. She believes the scholarship will give her confidence and challenge her to deepen her understanding of different elements of health and safety.
Elizabeth Sharland-Wong Elizabeth Sharland-Wong is a Safety and Security Manager at a cathedral. She is “determined to support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of staff and volunteers by ensuring that I can do as much as possible to make sure that they go home to their families every day, by being safe and feeling supported; just as I go home to my son every day.”


Winners of the NEBOSH Level 6 International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals

Adaora Ogbu Adaora Ijeamaka Ogbu is a Chief Inspector of Factories in Nigeria. Through the scholarship she hopes to advance her own knowledge and that of the Nigerian Government as it embarks on a national OSH programme, so that she can proffer the best actions and solutions to workplaces.
Kingsley Ahanonu Kingsley Ahanonu is an Occupational Health Safety and Environment Supervisor. He was motivated to join the profession after a childhood incident and as he grew up Kingsley sought ways to help other families avoid experiencing the same.
NDUCHEGWO MUNACHIMSO SOLOMON Munachimso Solomon Nduchegwo is dedicated to promoting mental health advocacy in Nigeria and plans to initiate a radio show to address this critical issue. He recognises the potential risks associated with mental health challenges and aims to foster a culture of psychological well-being, providing support for individuals to thrive without endangering others. Through his radio show, Munachimso aims to raise awareness, extend assistance, and fill the gap in mental health management in Nigeria
Lucky Ujirioghene Amos Lucky Ujirioghene Amos decided to pursue a health and safety career after a family friend was injured at work. Lucky now works as a HSSE Officer in the engineering sector and hopes that the scholarship will advance his training, skills, knowledge and confidence needed in keeping everyone safe and healthy.
Prudence Uwailomwan Alabo Prudence Uwailomwan Alabo has a lifelong dream to achieve a NEBOSH Diploma. As an employee for a government agency she hopes the scholarship will give her the skills to drive and influence positive changes in health and safety regulation.
Abanum Iruoghene Isakpa Abanum Iruoghene Isakpa is a Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator with a passion for influencing young people and engaging them in health and safety. His ambition is to become an ambassador of the International Labour Organization (ILO).
Sidra Tul Muntaha Sidra Tul Muntaha is an HSE Officer in the plastics manufacturing industry, having acted previously in the same role in the oil and gas industry. As a Pakistani woman, it is her dream to bring about change in a country where the profession is male-dominated.
Kenile Judith Ofunne Kenile Judith Ofunne works as a Health and Safety Coordinator. She has invested in her education, gaining skills and trust from the management of her organisation to implement safety initiatives. Kenile hopes the scholarship will help her to improve the safety performance of her organisation even further.
Khadija Asif Khadija Asif wants to protect people. She works as an Assistant Manager Health and Safety, and Khadija’s passion and determination for people's safety is what motivates her.
Michael Ojonugwa Akor Michael Ojonugwa Akor works as a Safety Assistant. He was motivated to join the profession after losing a close friend in a workplace accident and their story is “a reminder of my personal goal; to protect workers, protect the means and get home alive”.
Isaac Kasyoka Mutunga Isaac Kasyoka Mutunga is an Environment Health and Safety Officer in the telecommunications industry. He is committed to his education and professional development, through the scholarship and beyond. Isaac says he has “inculcated the inclusivity mantra of ‘zero harm- getting it done together’ in the telecommunication industry, recording over 1 million safe man-hours in the past year and reducing the number of occupational accidents to 0% despite working in high-risk work.”
Micheal Frimpong Manso Micheal Frimpong Manso works for a start-up organisation in the high-hazard farming industry. One of its core values is to protect the environment and mankind; Micheal believes the scholarship will help him to develop his skills further, ensuring employees and farmers return home safely every day after work.
Winifred Bisaba Aylesum Winifred Bisaba Ayelsum is a Laboratory Chemist. She is determined to make a difference to people’s lives and says “of what use is a NEBOSH Diploma if I cannot use it to help others?”.


See full details on the scholarship and register your interest for the 2024 scholarship: Michael Adamson NEBOSH Diploma Scholarship.