NEBOSH statement on Ukrainian conflict

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

NEBOSH is saddened by the events happening in Ukraine. We feel for Ukraine, its people, and anyone else who has been affected by such needless conflict.

NEBOSH is known for its international reach. Our colleagues, learners, Examiners and Learning Partners are united across borders by their desire for a world that’s safer and healthier for all people. That is why we have decided to follow the lead of the English, Scottish and Welsh governments and will be suspending all activities with Learning Partners, learners and businesses based in Russia or Belarus, effective immediately. 

This means that: 

  • Accredited Learning Partners based in Russia or Belarus will have their accreditation suspended.  
  • Learning Partners based elsewhere in the world will not be permitted to deliver NEBOSH qualifications, request assessments or register learners from either of these countries.  
  • All activities with learners based in Russia or Belarus will be suspended. This means that we will not take registrations or Enquiry About Results (EAR) requests from them or issue URNs, unit certificates or parchments.  
  • All Ukrainian learners will be supported on a case-by-case basis to ensure their individual situation is supported as well as we can.  

Although these sanctions will, unfortunately, impact individuals, please know that this is not an attempt by NEBOSH to discriminate against nationalities or races. Learners of any nationality, based in other countries around the world will be welcomed to undertake NEBOSH qualifications as normal during this time. 

Amongst NEBOSH’s valued global community are people from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. It is our hope that the conflict in Ukraine reaches a peaceful resolution in the very near future so that we might all work together once more to make the world a safer place through education. 

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below for more detailed information for affected learners.  

As and when the situation changes or we have further information, we will communicate this as soon as possible.  

Wishing you all safety and health in this troubling time.  



I am/was based in Ukraine and will be unable to attend my assessment(s).  

We will be able to support you with extension requests if you require additional time to complete your qualification. Or, if this is not possible, we will issue you with a full refund for your assessment fees and will welcome you back at any point in the future to continue your studies. In the meantime, please contact us with your learner details and preferred option.  

I am a learner based in Russia or Belarus. What will happen regarding my assessments, results and certificates? 

NEBOSH is suspending all activity with learners and businesses based in Russia and Belarus. Effective immediately, NEBOSH we will not:  

  • Take registrations or EAR requests from learners in these countries.  
  • Issue URNs, unit certificates or parchments to learners in these countries. 
  • Allow learners to participate in an upcoming assessment for which they have already registered. 

Any learners with registrations, results, EARs, certificates or parchments currently pending will be held until such time that the situation changes.  

I may not be able to complete all of my qualification before my units expire. Can I apply for an extension? 

In some cases, extenuating circumstances – such as a conflict - may prevent learners from completing all their qualification units in the specified timeframe. Our Certificate Unit Validity Extension Policy outlines the criteria for accepting requests for extensions and the associated supporting documentation we require. Please note that all requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

We also have a policy for Diploma learners who may wish to apply for a unit validity extension. You can find this policy here.

These policies and requests can be used by learners based in any country.