Initiative raises awareness of occupational health issues in SMEs

Friday, 4 November 2016

NEBOSH is lending its support to the Health Risks at Work initiative, which aims to raise awareness of workplace occupational health issues and change behaviour among small firms.

To do this it provides simple, concise information to help SMEs manage five key health at work risk areas:
• breathing
• skin
• muscles, bones and joints
• hearing and touch
• wellbeing.

The initiative provides materials for companies to use, including rapid reference cards and a free DVD that can be used in training sessions, company meetings and other similar settings in the community. The DVD is available in five languages (English, Polish, Chinese, Urdu and Punjabi) to ensure that key health risk messages reach as many workers as possible.

Benefits for employers include the improved health of their staff, which is increasingly important with an ageing workforce, and the improved morale that comes from a workforce that feels valued and protected by their employer.

Health Risks at Work was developed by a collaborative partnership of RoSPA, Scottish Chamber of Safety, HSE and Healthy Working Lives in Scotland. Safety Groups UK is working with the network of local safety groups around the UK to reach out to SMEs and promote the initiative.

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