"I enjoy combining my soft skills with my competence as a professional engineer in solving people, process and systems problems. I also love mentoring, coaching and training others to improve their competencies."

Case Study: Aldane Stennett

We spoke to Aldane Stennett, a NEBOSH Best Candidate, about what he enjoys most as a health, safety and environmental professional and what advice he would give to those at the start of their careers.

Aldane, you have worked at Jamaica Public Service Company Limited for over 25 years. Can you tell us a little about the organisation?
On 25 May 2023 the Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd (JPS) celebrates 100 years of existence as an integrated electric utility company serving the island of Jamaica. We are the proud inheritor of a tradition that dates back to 1892, through our predecessor Jamaica Electric Light Company, when Jamaica first received electricity 13 years after the invention of the electric lamp.

The organisation’s current ownership structure comprises of 80% private investors, 19.9% the Government of Jamaica with the remaining shares in the hands of a group of minority shareholders.

JPS has approximately 1250 employees, providing services to approximately 680,000 customers on the island’s power system network of just over 1000 megawatts.

You are a HSE Manager within the company. What does this role entail?
Throughout the past 25 years, the organisation has afforded me opportunities to serve in the roles of Planning Engineer, Mechanical Maintenance Engineer, Plant Engineer, Operations Manager and presently as a Health, Safety and Environmental professional.

My current role entails developing, implementing and continually improving the company’s OHSE management system and the various programmes. This involves serving people across several business units/locations island-wide and networking and benchmarking with organisations and professionals locally, regionally and globally.

Some of the critical programs involved are:

  • Injury/illness/incident and loss prevention
  • OHSE regulatory compliance and monitoring
  • Behavioural, leadership and culture improvement
  • Workers’ orientation (induction), training and awareness
  • Contractor safety management
  • Permit to work and other safe systems of work
  • Motor vehicle/mobile equipment safety
  • Hazard identification, risk assessments and controls
  • Environmental aspects and impact assessments
  • Process safety management
  • Emergency/disaster preparedness and response planning
  • OHSE Management System monitoring, measurement, analysis and performance evaluation

You completed your NEBOSH Environmental Certificate in 2019, for which you were awarded a Best Candidate award at our 2022 Graduation – congratulations! You have also completed your NEBOSH General Certificate and NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management. Why did you take these qualifications?
NEBOSH qualifications provide a reputable, cutting edge body of knowledge and competence-based learning that are applicable to the improvement of OHSE performance in any business, irrespective of one’s global location.

Did you enjoy the courses?
Yes, the learning environment was great for meeting the needs of adult learners like me. I really appreciated the support received from my Learning Partner and tutor, Carlstien Lutchmedial, who is a highly competent and experienced instructor.

How have your qualifications benefitted you since you completed them?
These qualifications have improved my opportunities for networking and marketing my skills globally. Being recognised as the Best Candidate in the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management - and being able to collect the award at Symphony Hall in a well-attended ceremony with NEBOSH VIP treatment - is a moment that I will forever cherish.

What do you enjoy most about being a health, safety and environmental professional?
As a health, safety and environmental professional I take pride in and have a great passion for serving people, organisations and communities. My profession is impactful in sustainably preserving lives, livelihood and the environment.

I enjoy combining my soft skills with my competence as a professional engineer in solving people, process and systems problems. I love mentoring, coaching and training others to improve their competencies. Working with teams and building my network locally, regionally and globally is a very enjoyable part of my job.

What would your advice be to anyone at the start of their health and safety career?

  1. Create a love and passion for OSHE and combine it with a keen desire to serve people.
  2. Understand the relevant aspects of laws and regulations applicable in your area of work.
  3. Acquire and consistently update your knowledge and skills through a combination of reputable training courses, mentee/mentor alignment and networking.
  4. Develop an appetite to access, interpret and apply codes and best practices.