"Completing my NGC has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and grow in confidence and my career has accelerated as a result."

Case Study: Alex Banks

We spoke to Alex Banks, an EHS Advisor at Collins Aerospace, to find out more about the doors that his NEBOSH General Certificate opened for him.

Can you tell us a little about your employer Collins Aerospace ?
I started to work at Collins Aerospace’s Wolverhampton site in August 2021. Over 1000 employees are based at this large manufacturing and development site, which specialises in producing electronics equipment for aircraft flying controls, hydraulic and actuation systems.

What is involved within your role and responsibilities at the company?
I’m an Environmental, Health and Safety Advisor and find this role very varied and rewarding. I am part of a small EHS team that is based at Wolverhampton. I value being part of this team as it is great to have colleagues who I can discuss challenges with; after all I secured my role with Collin’s Aerospace after successfully completing the qualification that taught me how to address them.

To better manage our workload, the team has divided the site’s management system programmes between us. I am responsible for managing a number of programmes including contractor control, confined spaces, work at height, hot works and lone working. I maintain and develop local policies and procedures and ensure they are understood and complied with.

I also investigate and report accidents and provide EHS advice and support whenever it is required.

You completed your NEBOSH National General Certificate in 2020, for which you won a Best Candidate award that was presented at our recent 2022 Graduation – congratulations! Why did you take this qualification and did you enjoy the course?
I took the NEBOSH National General Certificate in 2020. I felt, having worked in health and safety roles for the previous five years, that it was the best choice for anyone wanting to build a career in health and safety.

I really enjoyed the course and passing the qualification has really supported my development. It has provided me with the essential foundation in health and safety I need to work effectively in this profession.

How has completing this qualification benefitted you?
Completing the qualification has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge and grow in confidence and my career has accelerated as a result. I secured my role with Collin’s Aerospace after successfully completing my NEBOSH National General Certificate.

I want my progress and development to continue, so I have now enrolled and started my studies for the NEBOSH National Diploma.

What do you enjoy most about being a health and safety professional?
A career in health and safety can be rewarding in so many different ways; I think what I enjoy most about my role is being able to help people. Sometimes that might be by reviewing working practices and making them safer, and other times it’s identifying the root causes of accidents and establishing suitable controls to prevent it from happening again.

People spend a lot of time at work and accidents and injuries can have catastrophic consequences for people and their families. It’s always a good feeling when I am able to implement something where I am making a difference and am able to protect people from ill-health or injury.

What would be your advice to anyone at the start of their health and safety career?
My advice would be: go for it! For the right person health and safety is a highly rewarding career. I think if you have an eye for detail, good interpersonal skills, are committed to further study and have a passion for health and safety - including helping and protecting people - you are well on your way to having a successful career within health and safety.