“A career in health and safety offers young people the chance to make a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities.”

Case Study: Daniel Farrington

We spoke to Daniel Farrington, HSEQ Manager at Lanes Group Plc, about how a career in health and safety is the perfect first choice career.

Tell me a bit about your school life, what qualifications did you take? Did you have a career in mind when you were at school?

In sixth form, I went for a mix of business, graphic design, and physical education, which offered a variety of subjects but didn't exactly set me on a specific career path. School felt more like a test of memorisation rather than practical application of knowledge. Even though I passed all my A-levels, my heart was really in sports, and I was confident it would shape my future career.

You began your first health and safety role in 2021, what made you apply for this initial role?

Before landing my current position, I worked as a manager at a leisure centre, where I actively handled health and safety responsibilities. This part of my job was especially fulfilling, sparking my interest in pursuing further qualifications. I decided to pursue the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety to deepen my understanding and improve my performance. After completing it successfully, I became even more passionate about health and safety and decided to transition into a dedicated career in this field. That's why I applied for a Trainee Health & Safety Advisor role at Lanes Group.

Tell me a bit about how you have progressed in your career so far.

To progress in my role, I dedicated myself to continuous self-improvement and expanding my knowledge through additional NEBOSH courses. I'm fortunate that Lanes Group prioritises employee development and has backed me at every stage in obtaining these qualifications. I successfully completed the NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction (UK) and the NEBOSH Level 6 National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals during my time at Lanes Group. These qualifications, combined with what I've learned on the job, have helped me move up from being a Trainee Advisor to a Senior Advisor and then eventually Health and Safety Manager.

Working in health and safety is incredibly rewarding, as you directly influence the well-being of others. It's fulfilling to know that your work helps keep people safe. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to tackle different issues. Whether you're assessing risks, creating safety plans, training others, or visiting teams on-site, you're always engaged in stimulating and dynamic tasks.

Can you tell me what your job role is now and what your responsibilities are?

As a Health and Safety Manager, my foremost responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees, contractors and members of the public. I lead by example, driving a culture of safety excellence throughout the organisation. This involves conducting regular risk assessments, developing and implementing safety policies and procedures, and providing ongoing training and support to staff. I am also tasked with investigating incidents, identifying areas for improvement, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Central to this is my commitment to empowering and motivating the health and safety team to excel in their roles. I provide guidance, support, and ongoing training to ensure that each team member has the tools and knowledge needed to perform their duties effectively.

By fostering a sense of ownership and accountability, I strive to create an environment where every individual feels empowered to contribute to our collective safety goals.

What would you tell your younger self knowing what you know now about your career and education?

Looking back, I would advise my younger self to embark on a career in health and safety much sooner. While I enjoyed my time at the leisure centre, I've found unparalleled satisfaction and fulfilment in the field of health and safety. It's a career that not only allows me to make a tangible difference but also brings me immense joy and fulfilment. I am fortunate to have such a supportive boss and an exceptional team, whose dedication and camaraderie have created a positive work environment that fosters growth and success.

Can you see yourself staying on this career path?

Certainly, the increasing demand for safety professionals ensures strong job security. In my current role, I benefit from an excellent support network, constantly facing challenges and opportunities for growth as a safety professional.

Can you give younger people some advice about choosing the right career for them?

A career in health and safety offers young people the chance to make a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities. In this dynamic field, individuals have the opportunity to play a crucial role in preventing accidents, promoting safe working environments, and ensuring compliance with regulations. The demand for health and safety professionals continues to grow across various industries, providing a wealth of career opportunities. Beyond the practical and rewarding aspects of safeguarding others, a career in health and safety also offers a sense of purpose and fulfilment, making it an appealing choice for those who are passionate about contributing to a safer and healthier world.

NEBOSH offers a variety of qualifications tailored to individuals at various stages of their health and safety careers. Whether you're seeking first employment in health and safety or aiming to specialise in a particular industry, NEBOSH provides options that significantly enhance your prospects of success in this field. A NEBOSH qualification would undoubtedly never go unnoticed when applying for a position in health and safety.