The Enrolment periods for NEBOSH Diplomas starts from the date you enrol, this is usually the date of your first assessment. Upon completion of your first successful unit, your enrolment start dates then becomes the date of the first successful unit. This unit is then valid for 5 years. 

Should you be unable to complete your qualification within a five year period, you will be able to apply for an extension to a unit’s validity period, through your Learning Partner, if you meet the following criteria:

  • the enrolment period must be active and the learner must have a least one unit with a ‘Pass’ status. The application must be received by NEBOSH no later than 20 working days before the unit is due to expire but no earlier that 12 months before the unit is due to expire
  • a timetable for completion of the qualification must be included.
  • supporting evidence must be provided which shows why the learner was unable to complete the qualification and needs an extension to the validity period of a unit(s) eg, medical evidence.

For full details please refer to the Enrolment Policy for NEBOSH Diploma Level Qualifications or alternatively, you can contact our Customer Enquiry Team; Contact us.

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