A checklist of things you will need to complete before bookings close on 19 July 2024


Confirm your attendance

Eligible Diploma and Masters students will have their results declared between 13 June 2023 and 28 June 2024 (please see the FAQ page for full eligibility requirements). If you are eligible to attend Graduation you will receive an invitation email when bookings open (invitations will go out between March and June 2024) and you must confirm whether you plan to attend by 19 July 2024.

You must register via an Eventbrite booking page to confirm your attendance, using the link included in your invitation email. You can initially book up to two complimentary guest tickets free of charge, and request up to an extra two guest tickets should more become available later. 

When booking you will need to have your NEBOSH learner number to hand. If you do not know this please refer to your invitation email.

Deferring your Graduation ceremony place

If you are eligible to attend the 2024 Graduation and Awards Ceremony but would like to defer your place to 2025, please complete the deferral form. Diplomates are eligible to defer their attendance for two years following the Graduation ceremony they are initially invited to attend.

Please ensure you complete all the fields on the form.

Visa letters

NEBOSH will provide a letter to support your visa application if you need a visa to attend the NEBOSH Graduation. To request a letter, please email [email protected] as soon as possible before bookings close on 19 July 2024.

Academic dress and ordering your gown

Everyone graduating is required to wear full academic dress, which must be hired from graduation specialists Ede & Ravenscroft. You are not permitted to use your own cap and gown.

Book your gown

To ensure the correct fit, you will be asked to provide the following measurements in either centimetres or inches when booking, so please have these ready:

  • your head circumference for your cap
  • your height and chest measurement

When asked to ‘select your institution’ type NEBOSH.

Please choose the appropriate gown option for the qualification you have achieved:

  1. Diplomate academic dress
    - For diplomates graduating with a NEBOSH Diploma, NEBOSH Diploma in Regulatory Occupational Health and Safety or a NEBOSH Diploma in Regulatory Railway Occupational Health and Safety.
    - This consists of a blue gown with a hood trimmed with blue, cream and purple. Caps are blue square mortar boards with a silk tassel.
    - The cost for diplomate academic dress hire is £46.
  2. Masters academic dress
    - For those who have completed and are graduating with a Master’s degree with the University of Hull in partnership with NEBOSH.
    - This consists of a black gown with a hood trimmed with black and light green. Caps are black square mortar boards with a silk tassel.
    - The cost for Masters academic dress hire is £52.

Please ensure you order your academic dress before bookings close on 19 July 2024.

Booking your guest tickets

You can initially book up to two complimentary guest tickets free of charge, and request to be put on the waiting list for up to two more should extra seats become available later. All bookings are made via the Eventbrite form which is completed when confirming your attendance of the ceremony.

Please note that requests for additional tickets will not be processed and confirmed until after the closing date for bookings which is 19 July. We will confirm the extra guest tickets via email. 

Should you need to make any cancellations or changes to your guest booking, please contact [email protected].


Ede & Ravenscroft provide an optional paid graduation photography service, with a range of packages available. If you are based overseas, we strongly advise that you check that Ede & Ravenscroft ships to your country before you book photography.

Please visit the Ede & Ravenscroft website to make your booking: Photography bookings.

If you don’t wish to purchase a photography package, NEBOSH photographers will be capturing images of the day which will be available to download free of charge.


Book your Parking

We are pleased to offer you free parking in any of the campus car parks if you register for a permit in advance. When booking, fill in your details and type HCSTH into the promo code box (please make sure there are no spaces in between characters or before the first character. You must TYPE this code and not copy and paste). Adding this code will ensure that your total changes to “£0.00”.

You do not need to print and display your parking permit, as the car parks at the University of Warwick use cameras to automatically verify whether you have a valid permit. Please note the cost for all day parking is £25 if code HCSTH is not used. Fines will apply if you do not make a parking booking online. 

Disabled parking

There are limited designated disabled bays on campus and in University of Warwick car parks. Please follow the above process to obtain a permit in advance and display your blue badge when parking in a disabled parking space.

The closest disabled parking spaces are just behind the Warwick Arts Centre, in the Conference Reception car park. The best route to these spots is to follow the one way system along the Academic Loop road, turning left onto University Road and then first right down the side of the Faculty of Arts. There are multiple accessible parking spots at this location. Disabled parking is also available on Health Centre Road, which is a left turn further along University Road. The university’s interactive map is a useful resource.

Where to park

Car parking on campus is extremely limited and spaces fill up very quickly. We suggest you allow plenty of time to arrive in the morning and consider car sharing or public transport where possible.

If you are accessing the campus from the A46 direction we recommend you use the Cryfield Village car park which is opposite the Sports and Wellness Hub. It has approximately 450 car spaces and is a 6 minute walk from the Warwick Arts Centre. This car park is accessed off Leighfield Road which is shown on the interactive map (car parks are indicated by a P on the map. If you click on them, a pop up will provide the number/name of car park). On entering the car park, drive to the far end as the walk through that leads you to Warwick Arts Centre can be accessed from the back of the car park.

If you are accessing the campus from the A45 direction we recommend you use either Lynchgate car park, car park 15, car park 8 or car park 8a, which are shown on the interactive map (Car parks are indicated by a P on the map. If you click on them a pop up will provide the number/ name of car park).

To access the Lynchgate car park follow Lynchgate Road shown on the interactive map which runs alongside the Cannon Park Shopping Centre. Once you have passed the shopping centre, go straight on at the next roundabout to access the Lynchgate car park. On the interactive map this is the large car park adjacent to the Degree Apprenticeship Centre.

Alternatively, when you approach the second roundabout, you can take the second exit, then at the next roundabout take the first exit (just after the pub), then at the next roundabout, take the first exit down Lord Bhattacharyya Way, which will lead you to car park 15, 8 or 8a, which are signed posted as the main campus car parks.