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Hard work all round pays off for first Arabic NEBOSH exam

The time between taking an exam and finding out if you've succeeded is never easy. You wonder if all your hard work has paid off and if the result you were looking for is the one you're going to get.

It’s not only students that feel this way! Recently, both NEBOSH and Bahrain based course provider RRC Middle East (ME) were nervously awaiting the results of the first ever Health and Safety at Work exam to be set in Arabic. Fortunately, neither had anything to worry about.

Students from Middle Eastern businesses and government departments took the course with RRC ME. Out of 17 who took the assessments 16 achieved the qualification. Importantly, subsequent feedback from students gathered by the course provider was very positive.

"Several students told us they had been afraid about taking this course, because the name NEBOSH is so strongly associated with higher-lever professional qualifications," said Hasan AlAradi, Managing Director of RRC ME. "Even though the Health and Safety at Work qualification is an entry level course, some believed it might be too difficult for them.

"However, all agreed that the Arabic language of our course made the content very clear and easy to digest. And with tutor and students sharing practical experiences, their apprehension about the course turned to confidence and helped in gaining understanding of the topics. The exam itself was also a very good translation."

A number of students have since expressed an interest in taking a Certificate level NEBOSH course in Arabic, should this become available to them in the future.

NEBOSH Chief Executive, Teresa Budworth commented: "It has been a major project for NEBOSH setting an examination in a foreign language, so we're delighted to hear of this success. My congratulations go to the students who passed and to RRC ME for delivering such an effective course.

"We want NEBOSH to help preserve and improve occupational health and safety in workplaces worldwide, so it's important we extend the availability of our qualifications to those who are non-English speaking. This process will take time, but with plans for the Health and Safety at Work qualification to be set in Russian and Chinese Mandarin, as well as Arabic, we're starting to move in the right direction."

For more information on the qualification and examinations in languages other than English, please contact NEBOSH Customer Services on + 44 (0)116 2634700 or info@nebosh.org.uk