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Where the best paying health and safety jobs are

The construction and civil engineering sectors in London and the South East currently offer the best opportunities for jobs in the health and safety profession in the UK, according to new research.

The latest annual Jobs Barometer from NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health), revealed that more than a quarter (29%) of nationally advertised health and safety management vacancies fell within the construction and civil engineering sectors. These were followed by manufacturing (13%), consulting (11%), public sector (10%) and utilities (7%).

Out of all nationally advertised health and safety positions in February and March 2015, 42% were based in London, followed by 19% in the surrounding South East region. 17% were in the North of England, 12% in the Midlands, 5% in the South West & Wales and 3% in Scotland.

Construction and civil engineering offered the highest average top-end salaries of these sectors at £50,000. Next was utilities at £46K, followed by consulting £43K and manufacturing £38K. The lowest average top-end salaries on offer were in the public sector at £33,000 per annum.

The average top-end wage for all health and safety jobs advertised was £46,000. However, qualifications and professional status made a considerable difference to the salaries available. For example, where applicants were required to hold a NEBOSH Diploma qualification, the average top end salary was £49,000. This figure fell to £42,000 when a Diploma was not specified. Overall, 55% of all positions advertised insisted on candidates holding a NEBOSH Diploma, up from 48% last year and 41% five years ago.  The highest salary on offer was in the banking and finance sector based in London. The position of ‘Global Head of Health and Safety‘ attracted an annual wage of £125,000. Both a NEBOSH Diploma and CMIOSH were required.

“Compared to five years ago, the average salary on offer in the health and safety jobs market has hardly changed, rising to £46K this year from £45K in 2011,” said Teresa Budworth, NEBOSH Chief Executive. “However, what we can see is that more and more employers are demanding professional qualifications and status, and that they are willing to offer better salaries to secure those who value their own continuing professional development.”

More than a third (38%) of vacancies called for a NEBOSH Certificate level qualification, up from 33% last year and 30% in 2011. Overall, 92% of positions asked for either some form of NEBOSH qualification and/or Membership of IOSH, up by 4% from 88% in 2014.

As noted in previous years, many of the health and safety management roles on offer also featured responsibilities for environmental (39%) and quality (18%) management.