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‘Combined units’ introduced for NEBOSH Certificate

From January 2014, NEBOSH will be making significant changes to the National and International General Certificates in Occupational Health and Safety. These changes will allow holders of either qualification to gain the other by only taking one additional unit.

Currently, candidates who hold the NEBOSH National General Certificate must take all three unit assessments of the NEBOSH International General Certificate to gain the additional qualification. This also applies to anyone with a NEBOSH International General Certificate, who wants to gain their NEBOSH National General Certificate.

To ease this process for current and potential candidates, NEBOSH has combined two of the three units as their content is relevant anywhere in the world.  The Controlling Workplace Hazards units (NGC2/IGC2) will now be known as GC2.  GC3 will be introduced in place of the Practical Application units (NGC3/IGC3). 

However, the Health and Safety Management (NGC1 and IGC1) will remain separate, as these focus on management of health and safety based around either UK law or international standards.

Put simply, if a candidate has gained the NEBOSH National General Certificate in the past five years, they only need to pass unit IGC1 of the NEBOSH International General Certificate, to gain the full International qualification. Likewise, a NEBOSH International General Certificate holder who wishes to gain a NEBOSH National General Certificate will be required to only complete NGC1.

Job opportunities are now global in health and safety. Holding an international qualification can be an advantage to people from the UK seeking employment overseas. Likewise, a candidate from overseas who is already NEBOSH qualified, may seek a more UK orientated qualification to aid their employment prospects in the United Kingdom.

Teresa Budworth, NEBOSH Chief Executive, commented: “It is important we help people take advantage of their NEBOSH qualification, wherever they might wish to work in the world. While this move to combined units for the NEBOSH International General Certificate and NEBOSH National General Certificate takes nothing away from the high standards that students must achieve, it certainly makes it easier to achieve additional qualifications.”