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Examiners Reports' for Certificate Level examination sittings

Examiners' Reports are available for Certificate Level qualifications and are free to download for both students and Course Providers from the related files.

These reports have been prepared to provide feedback on standard date and on-demand examination sittings. Feedback to students is presented in these key areas; examination technique, command words and learning outcomes and is designed to assist candidates and course providers prepare for future assessments.

Please note: Examiners’ Reports are not written to provide ‘sample answers’ but to give examples of what Examiners were expecting and more specifically to highlight areas of underperformance. 

Revised Format 

From September 2016 NEBOSH will be producing Examiners’ reports in a revised format.

The reports will be published twice yearly after the March and September standard date examinations for all Certificate level qualifications. Expected publish dates will be communicated in due course.
Examiners’ reports for the National and International Diploma will be published after the January and July examination sittings. This will commence after the January 2017 examination sittings.

The reports will include;

  • the questions used in the relevant question papers (strengths and weaknesses of candidate responses to each question with examples of good and more limited responses;
  • some examples of what Examiners were expecting, particularly for those questions that candidates found most challenging.
  • information and guidance on examination technique and command words. 

The reports will not include mark schemes or sample answers and should be used by students and accredited course providers to inform both tuition and revision sessions.

To view an example of the revised format of Examiners’ report click on the sample GC2 standard date Examiners' Report (revised format) PDFs on this page. 

Students and course providers will also benefit from use of the appropriate syllabus guide which can be downloaded via the NEBOSH website. In particular, the guide sets out in detail the syllabus content and tutor reference documents for each element. 

Additional guidance on command words is provided in ‘Guidance on command words used in learning outcomes and question papers’ which is also available via the NEBOSH website, by clicking here

Students and course providers should also make reference to the ‘Example question paper and Examiners’ feedback on expected answers’ which provides example questions and details Examiners’ expectations and typical areas of underperformance, these can be downloaded by clicking here 

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on + 44 (0)116 263 4700 or email info@nebosh.org.uk.