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How we use cookies

When you enter this website NEBOSH will use cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information held by the browser on your equipment. Cookies allow users to navigate around our website and enable NEBOSH to review page usage, to improve the user experience.

In an effort to constantly develop our website content NEBOSH does use Google analytics to help analyse how users use this site. This analytical tool uses cookies which are text files placed on your equipment to collect internet log information and trace visitors journey through the site. This information is transmitted to Google and is then used by NEBOSH to evaluate visitor usage of the website and complete statistical information.

The NEBOSH website does not store any personal or sensitive data in cookies. All of the cookies we use are to improve the behaviour and experience of using the website. With the exception of Google Analytics, there are no 3rd party cookies or any data sharing.

There are two types of cookies used on this website

Session Cookies

These are temporary cookies which only exist during the period that you are visiting the NEBOSH website. Session cookies allow your equipment to remember what you chose on the previous page, to prevent the user having to re-enter information.

As soon as the user leaves the NEBOSH website these cookies will no longer exist

Persistent Cookies

These cookies remain on your equipment after the user has left the NEBOSH website. Such cookies allow NEBOSH to identify the user as a unique visitor but do not contain personal information and cannot be used to identify an individual.

Disabling Cookies

If you wish to restrict or block the use of cookies you can do this through your internet browser. Please refer to the help function in your browser or visit www.aboutcookies.org. If you are using a mobile handset please refer to your user manual for further instructions.

Disabling cookies will affect your experience when using this site.

Throughout your website experience, we may store the following cookies:


Information Stored



Cookie Type


A number to indicate what stage of the registration process a person may be at

Used to help/guide through the registration process.

Only occurs when registering for the first time



Stores the current URL the person is on

Used to help navigate visitors back to a requested page after logging in




Stores the date a person last visited

Helps our website recognise returning users



Stores if the user is logged in

Allows the website to show content specifically for logged in users




Stores if the user stays logged in

Provides a mechanism for the website to keep you logged in after you close the browser window



Stores if the current user is an admin

Allows the website to keep track of administrative users




Stores the current user

Helps the website recognise individuals when booking events

Only used in event booking



Stores the current event

Helps the website remember which event has been selected by the visitor to book

Only used in event booking



Stores the current question

Helps the website remember which question was last answered in event bookings.

Only used in event booking



Stores the cost of the current event

Helps the website remember the cost of the current event

Only used in event booking



Stores the payment status of the current event

Helps the website remember the payment status of the current event

Only used in event booking



Stores the payment amount of the current event

Helps the website remember the amount of the current event

Only used in event booking



Used as part of the login


No longer used



Records your consent for us to use cookies as discussed here