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Adrian Gannon
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Do NEBOSH students perform better at work?

New research has suggested that gaining a NEBOSH qualification can significantly improve safety performance and add value to the workplace.

The study by Adrian Gannon was carried out as part of his MSc in Occupational Health and Safety Management at Loughborough University. Adrian gathered feedback from almost 130 students who had completed their NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) with Singapore based course provider, KB Associates.

Each student responded to questions based around the learning objectives of the IGC course. The results showed that the majority of those questioned had successfully transferred what they had learned to their working environment.

For example, when asked if they would feel confident advising on emergency procedures following their studies, 14% said they would “to a very great extent”, 44% to “a great extent and 31% to “a moderate extent”. Only 10% replied “to a small extent” and just 1% said they would not feel confident. Overall, students responded to over 30 questions.

Interestingly, Adrian’s research revealed little difference in response from those with limited pre-qualification health and safety experience and those who had been in such roles for several years.

Adrian, who is now working in Bahrain for Arabian East Training Centre (AETC), believes gathering this type of data, whilst difficult, can be hugely beneficial to Course Providers.

He said: “As training providers we regularly hear positive comments from students about how their qualification has helped them at work. But comments are just comments if they aren’t recorded and measured. This research shows proof of work-related benefits to students and employers.”

NEBOSH International Manager, Stuart Naylor, added: “We’re grateful to Adrian for sharing his research findings with us. Pass rates can measure learning success and student feedback can reveal how students find their learning experience.

“But the bottom line for Employers is how gaining a NEBOSH qualification can improve employee job performance.” 

Adrian Gannon has provided us with a summary of his research, which can be downloaded from Related files.